25 July 2014

Endless Slaughter is scheduled for release any day now, hopefully. By now we know the gist of the track, it changes a lot and introduces us to the band's new and fresh feel.

Take a listen here.

Below, share your opinion on the track so far. The audio isn't the best, but what are you feeling after listening to it?

First opinions of Endless Slaughter
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23 July 2014

Here's my rundown of some of the funniest and most unexpected Limp Bizkit moments. I may have missed some so feel free to leave your opinions in the comments section!

5. Unexpected: Limp Bizkit & Corey Feldman pay tribute to Michael Jackson

Corey Feldman joined Limp Bizkit on stage at the House of Blues in Hollywood on May 5th 2013 as the band played Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. He and Fred sang along whilst Feldman sported full MJ attire.

4. Unexpected and funny: Fred at WWE Summerslam in 2012

This was pretty funny news at the time. Fred sat ringside at WWE's Summerslam event during the summer of 2012 and gave the middle finger to the camera. Typical old Fred but ofcourse the now-a-day child friendly WWE weren't expecting that on PG TV.

3. Unexpected: Fred performs Lately with Billy Ray Cyrus 

Fred raps a verse for Billy Ray Cyrus on the Arsenio Hall Show last October. Yes, he even mentions Miley Cyrus.

2. Unexpected: The infamous hat incident!

This went so far as to feature on some metal websites after Fred shoved a fan for trying to take his hat off during a show in Russia in 2012.

1. Unexpected and funny: Wes drops a drunk guy

This is probably one of my favorite Limp Bizkit clips. Wes seemed pretty suspicious about this drunk fan after he stormed the stage in 2009 during Break Stuff in Bucharest, Romania. Wes wasn't taking any chances and when approached by the fan, he shoved him away landing the guy on his ass!

Have any other suggestions? Drop us a comment!

22 July 2014

5 Favorite Things With Wes Borland

Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland leads Revolver through a trap door into his basement man cave where he works on music, paints, and stores his collection of oddities.

1. FAVORITE DEAD THING: Human remains collection
“I have a human skeleton, which is complete except for one kneecap. But the gem of my bone collection is a 2,000-year-old stretched-head Peruvian skull. The natives there used to bind their babies’ heads so the entire skull would lengthen into a cone.”

2. FAVORITE DANGEROUS THING: Bladed weapons collection
“When my career started taking off, I bought a bunch of swords, and I found out there are people that still make them like they did in medieval times. So I started learning how to blacksmith and make my own weapons. I used the hang my pieces on the walls, but it got too stupid-looking, especially because I live with a woman. My wife sometimes asks me if I know that she could kill me in my sleep, and I say, ‘Yup. Goodnight, dear.’”

3. FAVORITE FOOD: Korean Barbecue
“I can eat an amazing amount of bulgogi, which is marinated beef you cook at a table yourself. I will eat Korean barbecue in any country anywhere, any time. Strangely, I didn’t like it in Korea. Fred Durst’s brother, Corey, and I walked back to the hotel from the restaurant, and we both got the most incredible case of fecal urgency. Somehow we made it back without having to use an alleyway, and it was like the scene in Dumb and Dumber.”

4. FAVORITE PARTIES: Painting parties
“I’m really good friends with two great painters in LA, Kevin Llewellyn and Michael Hussar, who both host painting nights at their studios. We have between four and eight people there with a model—usually a hot chick that gets naked, so that’s a plus—and we smoke cigarettes, drink whiskey, and paint. Usually we’ll go from 9 at night to 5 in the morning. You learn a lot being around people that dwarf your ability.

5. FAVORITE FILM: The Holy Mountain
“I try to watch it at least once or twice a year, and I love turning people onto it because it’s pretty much the most insane thing ever. Whenever I’m short of creative ideas, I pop in The Holy Mountain. I’ve found it inspiring for stage moves, video ideas, songs, paintings—everything.”

21 July 2014

4. Stick with Cash Money

Cash Money are a huge mainstream label, they've created artists like Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes, and definitely have the ability to push Limp Bizkit back into the mainstream scene. We'll never get to see hard hitters or raging riffs in there but gathering a following with mellow tracks like Lightz would really help the band.

3. No more delays. 

Teasing a track or an album years (yes, years) in advance is going to dry out it's excitement. I remember Stampede of the Disco Elephants was first teased in 2012 and since the excitement has died down, probably some casual fans have even forgotten. Year after year we've been promised the album but to no avail. Fred has gone on the record to say it will be out this year after Wes said it will most likely be out next year. Who knows. Let's see what they can pull out of the bag.

Let's not forget the songs too. Ready To Go took nearly a year to be released after being announced and Endless Slaughter hopefully won't end up the same way.

2. Promote albums and play new songs on tour and at festivals

Limp Bizkit aren't very fond of playing new songs at festivals or even during headline shows. They have a huge catalogue of mainstream hits that they think most of the crowd wants to hear. At the end of the day, promoting one new single like they did a few times this year with Endless Slaughter wouldn't go astray. Pushing new tracks on tour will make sure those people who only attend for the nostalgic factor will head home knowing that the band are still releasing tracks and not just touring as a nostalgic act.

1. Release one major mainstream single

It seemed as if Ready To Go was like Rollin' which had the ability to own the mainstream scene, though something along the line clearly didn't work. Maybe it was the in-your-face riff that people don't seem to like these days or the overload of curse words in the chorus. Who cares, Limp Bizkit will be Limp Bizkit. However, a track like Lightz should have been released and pushed by Cash Money, I really believe that could have been a break through track. Many fans didn't like it, but it could have made the fan community that bit bigger.

Share your thoughts below!

20 July 2014

Watch: Fred Directed This eHarmony Commercial

Remember we posted about Fred Durst directing an eHarmony commercial? You can watch the completed video below.

Previously, Durst directed the 2007 film The Education Of Charlie Banks and 2008's comedy sports film The Longshots, which stars rapper Ice Cube.

Watch below.

17 July 2014

5 Bizkit Songs For Yo' Mommas

Ever thought it was a good idea to introduce Limp Bizkit to your mother? If so, here's a list of 5 songs she's most likely going to dig. Let's avoid the originally lady-friendly head bangin' Faith and the mainstream hit that is Rollin' for the minute.

5. My Way

My Way was a major hit for the band back during the Chocolate Starfish days. It's sure as hell going to go off well with an older woman. It's calm, lacks the up-front f*cks and sh*ts that we're used to and has a momma-friendly sing a long hook.

4. Behind Blue Eyes

Originally by The Who, you're mums might even recognise this one. They'll probably know the lyrics to begin with and will end up getting lost in the music. Next...

3. Lonely World

One of the greatest tracks to come from Results May Vary. Filled with emotion, that shit they really like.

2. Lightz 

Lightz is a track Limp Bizkit produced under the mainstream label Cash Money and it certainly ended up coming out sounding that way. It's not a bad track in my opinion, but moms are really going to dig that hook. The lyrical content isn't very mom-friendly but at the end of the day this is Limp Bizkit.

1. Almost Over

From personal experience, this is definitely my mums favorite Limp Bizkit tune and she's a fan of the lyrics too.

Any more suggestions? Feel free to comment!
Here's a rip from today's Twitch stream with Fred. Thanks to TheArmpit for sharing this! After the 3:50 mark it gets pretty funky, definitely my favorite part!

This rip is the clearest you're going to get.

Listen below!

16 July 2014

Details on a US Tour This Fall

If you missed it, check out Fred's new Twitch stream and Endless Slaughter being played from last night. We also noted something promising about an upcoming tour.

We have learned that Fred is working on organizing a US tour this fall starting mid-september.

Currently, the only confirmed tour dates left this year start with Aftershock Festival in Sacramento on September 13th and Louder Than Life in Louisville on October 4th, both American dates, and then going over to Japan for Knot Fest in November.

Also noted during the stream last night was the possibility of Machine Gun Kelly joining forces with the band on tour. Fred noted that he may be joining them.

So far the tour is still in the talks. Stay tuned to Limp Bizkit Fanboy for further updates as they come.